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Essential Oil Safety Message

Christene's video message on internal use of essential oils.

The Essential Oil of of Helichrysum

This is the one oil that I always reach for whenever I encounter any kind of “wounding”, whether minor or major. This includes all manner of cuts, scratches, puncture wounds, scrapes, bruises and knocks, tearing type wounds like strains and sprains, burns, and also insect stings and bites.

The Essential Oil of Plai (2)

The plant was traditionally used as a healing plant by the indigenous people in some areas of Thailand, and in more recent times the essential oil has been used by Thai massage therapists.

Essential Oil of Plai (1)

Plai, Zingiber cassumunar Roxb., (SYN. Zingiber purpureum Roscoe), has long been regarded by Thai massage therapists as one of those oils necessary to have in their kit to combat joint and muscle problems.

Creeping Hyssop

Botanical name: Hyssopus de cumbens. Especially suitable for treating bronchial infections; sinusitis; asthma, along with herpes simplex and fever blisters.

Frankincense oil derived from Boswellia carteri induces tumor cell specific cytotoxicity

Originating from Africa, India, and the Middle East, frankincense oil has been important both socially and economically as an ingredient in incense and perfumes for thousands of years.

Artemisia arborescens essential oil of the Pacific Northwest

A high-chamazulene, low-thujone essential oil with potential skin-care applications

Problems affecting the Lymphatic/Immune System

The lymphatic system and the immune system are very closely linked. Lymph is a clear fluid which is part of the continual process of circulation in the body.

Problems affecting the Urinary System: Cystitis

Bladder infections are usually caused by bacteria, which results in cystitis. Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder.

Monograph Cape Snowbush

Eriacephalus africana - It is a bushy aromatic plant and is native to South Africa.