Essential Oils night

With Diane McCrae

Sharing Aromatherapy NZROHA Auckland


Everyone is welcome

Wellington Sat 19th June 2021

Venue to be declared soon

Zoom available for AGM meeting

NZROHA is gaining momentum... 



A sniff of news for 2021 emailed out to members on 16th Jan 2021! 

Keep your eyes open for the quarterly Newsletter, will be out the first week of Feb 2021.

Aromatherapy Events | NZROHA

Foundation Gattefosse recognition and support for clinical aromatherapy.

14 Jan 2021 (8:00) - 31 Jan 2021 (17:00)

The Gattefossé Foundation expends its call for projects in 2021 with two prizes and six grants including a new International prize. The Foundation is increasing its action of recognition and support for clinical teams using essential oils as a complementary therapeutic approach to healthcare.

Trigger Point Therapy workshops with Leon Botello

15 Mar 2021 (8:00) - 16 Mar 2021 (8:00)


TRIGGER POINT THERAPY WORKSHOPS Theory and the Lower Body (2 day workshop)

The Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy

21 May 2021 (8:00) - 22 May 2021 (8:00)

An international virtual seminar for Hospital and Hospice Care in Clinical Aromatherapy



19 Jun 202112:00 - 15:00

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Annual General Meeting 2021 is to be held in the Capital City of Wellington