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The NZ Register of Holistic Aromatherapists (NZROHA) is New Zealand's only professional aromatherapy practitioner organisation and is a strong, respected voice in the field of integrative aromatic health care.

this site is for our members as well as the public to access to find aromatherapists and associated businesses. We welcome anyone with an interest in aromatherapy to join us as an associate member to help support your aromatic journey.  

Any business which supplies products to aromatherapists can also join us as an associate member and you can present your services to our members on this website and participate in our educational activities.

It is our intent to enhance your understanding of the NZROHA and Aromatherapy.


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Join NZROHA Angelika Klotz for this awesome introduction to chakras & aromatherapy

Christene Loweth is the New Zealand Register of Holistic Aromatherapists Chairperson


Coming Soon... Gabriel returns to NZROHA for the second time... Continuing with 'Hallmarks of Healing'

Gabriel Mojay is an author-researcher, educator and practitioner in the scientific and TMC-energetic aspects of medicinal and aromatic plants and their extracts.

He has practiced and taught clinical aromatherapy, herbal medicine, acupuncture and acupressure since 1987.

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Thank you to NZROHA members who donated to the AGM gift Carol's book to Hospice Aromatherapists

We have just sent out the first gift to Waikato Hospice for Noirin Borgan and fellow aromatherapists for the amazing work they do... Congratulations

Aromatic TCM Covid Strategies - Article by Angelika Klotz

The ancient techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine combine very well with the anti-viral and soothing effects of essential oils in order to support our clients during this pandemic. The energising and calming effects of massaging acupoints and meridian connections can be felt immediately and can be done by clients themselves after a brief online consultation.  Ideally combined with essential oil blends or diluted single essential oils.

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 Latest Articles

The Essential Oil of of Helichrysum

This is the one oil that I always reach for whenever I encounter any kind of “wounding”, whether minor or major. This includes all manner of cuts, scratches, puncture wounds, scrapes, bruises and knocks, tearing type wounds like strains and sprains, burns, and also insect stings and bites.

The Essential Oil of Plai (2)

The plant was traditionally used as a healing plant by the indigenous people in some areas of Thailand, and in more recent times the essential oil has been used by Thai massage therapists.

Essential Oil of Plai (1)

Plai, Zingiber cassumunar Roxb., (SYN. Zingiber purpureum Roscoe), has long been regarded by Thai massage therapists as one of those oils necessary to have in their kit to combat joint and muscle problems.

Creeping Hyssop

Botanical name: Hyssopus de cumbens. Especially suitable for treating bronchial infections; sinusitis; asthma, along with herpes simplex and fever blisters.


Introducing Quintis to NZROHA and fellow aromatherapists.

We are extremely excited to be working together with a partner in essential oils who are as ethically minded as we are. Check out Quintis's company overview by tapping the image below and get yourself informed on these amazing people and their path in producing Sandalwood essential oil greatness. Another read imperatively to peace of mind for our earth is Quintis's sustainability report found here Sustainable Sandalwood | Learn More | Quintis Sandalwood

Representing NZROHA, Bridgette met with Quintis's Chief Sales Officer Carmel Power and Distributor Manager & Market Intelligence Specialist Timothy Lo

Click on the images below for information, left to right

Australian Sandalwood Oil Santalum spicatum | Quintis products | Quintis company overview | Indian Sandalwood Oil Santalum album