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Submitting your application for the International prize 

New : an International prize of 10 000€ recognizes the achievement of an aromatherapy / clinical team that uses essential oils in a health facility, as a complementary treatment. Candidates should demonstrate (using clinical evidence) direct benefits for the patient with regards to their treatment outcome and/or well-being. All countries are eligible except for France.

This application form should be completed and sent to fondation@fondation-gattefosse.org with all requested appendices (for large files, please use cloud storage services: WeTransfer, Dropbox…) 

English language is mandatory: the application form and supplied documentation will be accepted in English only and the applicant should be sufficiently fluent to be able to present his/her work in English. 

Deadline: 2021 January 31st

→ Download your application form for the 2021 International prize

This pdf document contains editable text zones. Be sure to use Acrobat reader to open it and respect the space available for answers.



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