Code of Practice


The aim of this Code of Practice is to set out the basic standards which the New Zealand Register of Holistic Aromatherapists expects its Members to maintain.  This Code of Practice lays down minimum standards necessary for Members of the Register.  Clients who attend a registered practitioner should expect a professional approach by the practitioner and this professionalism should be reflected in the equipment, furniture and premises.


  1. Insurance

    If required by law, adequate professional liability and professional insurance must be held by all practising members.


  2. Premises

    Consultation and treatment rooms must be clean, adequately lit, properly ventilated and in a good state of general repair.


    A washbasin with a hot and cold water supply and toilet facilities should be available.


    If the consultation and treatment rooms are not directly accessible from the street, all entranceways and stairs must be adequately lit and kept clean.

  3. Personal hygiene

    The Aromatherapist must ensure that her/his health and personal hygiene are such as to cause no danger to the client.


    The Practitioner must not eat, consume alcohol, or smoke in the treatment area.


    The Aromatherapist must be aware of the elements of public hygiene and local safety bylaws and specifications in connection with Aromatherapy.

  4. Client Register and Remuneration

    A card index or suitable means should be set up to register client names, addresses and other relevant information including dates of attendance, essential oils used – and kept in a secure place to maintain confidentiality.


    The member shall be due reasonable remuneration only as and when appropriate for services provided.

  5. Important Notes

    It is the responsibility of the practising Aromatherapist to observe any local by-laws with regard to the therapy undertaken.  All necessary legal (pharmaceutical and cosmetic) requirements must be complied with in regard to all materials used and stored, purchased complete or assembled and labelled on practice premises.


    The Register expects members not to presume a specialist knowledge outside their own training.  Members must be wary of giving advice on skin and bodily ailments outside the limitations of their own specialised knowledge.


    No Aromatherapist shall dispense essential oils for internal ingestion nor shall any Aromatherapist advocate or promote such use of essential oils unless the practising Aromatherapist has medical qualifications or the equivalent qualifications in the natural therapies.

  6. Liaison with other professionals

    Liaison with other professionals should be of a co-operative and sharing nature.

  7. Public Relations, Advertising and Articles promoting the NZROHA

    A Member who wishes to advertise, promote or give a press release on behalf of the Register will submit their promotion to the Executive Committee before publication.  This will enable the Register to keep a high standard.

  8. Investigation and Dismissal

    Any member who breaches this code shall be subject to investigation and on being found in breach of the Code of Practice dismissed from the Register.


    Such dismissal shall be notified and other relevant organisations notified.