Code of Ethics


Any class of Member of the New Zealand Register of Holistic Aromatherapists Inc. who is in practice will be expected to follow this Code of Ethics and to conduct herself/himself and to practice in such a manner as to uphold and maintain the high standards of the profession of Aromatherapy.


  1. The member must recognise that the primary obligation is towards the client and at all times must practice her/his skills to the best of her/his ability for the benefit of the client.  The comfort and welfare of the client must always have priority.

  2. Consultation, assessment and treatment should only be carried out with the full consent of the client (or parent or guardian in the case of minors).

  3. The Aromatherapist shall at all times respect full confidentiality.

  4. All reasonable care must be taken to ensure the optimum hygiene, quality of materials supplied and safety of equipment used.  The Member’s premises or clinic are to be maintained in such condition as to reflect credit on the profession of Aromatherapy.

  5. A Member shall not knowingly interfere with any ongoing treatment instigated by another Practitioner whilst the patient is under that Practitioner’s care.

  6. A Member shall be free to advertise his/her professional services in any way provided that such advertisements uphold the dignity and status of the Aromatherapy profession.  Promotional material should be of an acceptable standard.

  7. Members are expected to maintain a high standard of self-care and to be aware of their own health and wellbeing.


Any person considering that the above Code of Ethics has been breached should address their complaint in writing to the Registration Board, NZ Register of Holistic Aromatherapists Inc., PO Box 2214 Stoke, Nelson 7041.